The home offers above regulation size rooms, 14 single, 15 en-suite and 1 bedsit room (available as double occupancy for married couples only). All single rooms have wash hand basins, TV points and telephone points (on request) and are near to toilet facilities.


The home has 1 wet room, 3 bathrooms, both with bath hoists available for those who require them.


It is our policy to encourage residents to personalise their own rooms as much as possible and to bring in some of their own furniture if they require.

Personalised and Relaxing Rooms

Consideration will be given to a client wishing to bring a small pet into the home with them although this may not always be possible. Any arrangement must be made with the Proprietor prior to any contact being signed.


A fully approved fire alarm system is installed throughout the home. Fire drills are held on a regular basis and all rooms have a nurse call bell system